Take your pick: the mesh.works* list of freebies

  • Mirror | Mirror: Interfacing well with others

    This is an easy tool to visualise key orientations that trigger business behaviours. You can compare yourself to colleagues, get your colleagues to compare themselves or compare yourself today to where you want to be in 12 months. Once visualised, the diagnostic fosters a dialogue on how best to design working interfaces.

    We are working on an app to be released soon. Sign up here and we will let you know when it is done!

  • Productivity: Using the attention variable

    A simple tool that gets you to reflect on how you deploy your attention. Trying to pack more things into a day by using time is not the answer. Convert your available attention into a monetised amount, work out how you currently spend your attention and than think about how you should be spending it!

  • Leading Complexity: Clarity in the age of information and VUCA* dynamics

    * volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous

    In this 45 – 60 minute game, get your colleagues or team to understand and learn why organisations create information complexity and see its impact instantly in a group setting. Once completed, the experience can link into a strategy or ideation session to re-assess internal systems, structures and processes. It is fun and a great opener for any off-site and/or half day session with your people.