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Your Resilience - Your Response

posted on:17 February 2017

Last year mesh.works collaborated with Phil Dobson from Brainworkshops on improving aviation safety by developing the resilience of pilots and crew. Lufthansa’s annual Human Factors conference was truly an awesome experience and they were the most wonderful hosts. They sent us some impressions from the workshop we did with 150 participants and we want to share them with you.

Our workshop was called “Your Resilience / Your Response – Making Better Choices and Choosing Better Responses”.

It was a practical, fun, and interactive 3-hour workshop, where the participants learned how to develop their resilience through combining insights from neuroscience and behavioural psychology in dialogue with their peers.

How did we do it?

We began with revisiting how stress affects the brain, body and nervous systems. We then dug deeper into how to make better choices and maintain your performance under pressure by explaining the link between your physiology, your emotions and mental states.

Here are some of the impression of the day followed by the powerpoint we used in the workshop. If you would like any information or any of the tools we used, then do send us an email at imran@meshworks.net and / or phil@brainworkshops.co.uk.

And by the way, do not forget to check out Phil’s new book on productivity and the brain.


Introductions and setting the scene


Phil getting the participants ready for their first meditation


What is sustained high performance?


People discussing and understanding resilience


Questions asked and experiences shared


Observing and thinking about what it means for us all


Understanding our Locus of Control


Martin, the event organiser, explaining why resilience matters to them


We got lots of output and dialogue


Thanks to all and here is the deck we used for the workshop.

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