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Meet brain expert, hypnotist and network partner Phil Dobson

posted on:16 June 2015

Phil Dobson is a trainer, facilitator, coach and founder of BrainWorkshops. He provides brain-based training programmes that transform thinking and performance.

After a successful career in sales, and many years of writing music, Phil started studying hypnotherapy at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 2007. He qualified the following year and set up his practice in London.

Phil started studying neuroscience initially to understand more about hypnosis. But being self-employed, he also wanted to learn more about his ‘brain at work’, and whether science could help to get eight hours of work done in six.

He found the more he applied what we know about the brain, the easier things became; he could work smarter. He also knew from his experience as a therapist that people are rarely taught enough about their brain and that this often limits them.


Understanding your brain


Phil set up BrainWorkshops to teach people what he had learned and to help them realise their potential.

He now works with organisations such as the BBC, NBCUniversal, Dixons Carphone, Schneider Electric, Jamie Oliver, Discovery Communications Europe, Talk Talk, and Viacom International, helping them build leadership, talent, and capability.

Phil turns insights from neuroscience, cognitive and behavioural psychology, NLP, and hypnotherapy into applicable skills and techniques for the workplace. Training is participative and interactive, focusing on skill acquisition and behavioural change. The learning and development solutions are bespoke – developed with the organisation and the audience in mind.

The most popular programmes help people become more productive, more creative and more resilient. Phil often incorporates mindfulness and meditation into his training programmes, helping people improve their mental performance and develop their cognitive fitness over time.

Phil Dobson BrainWorkshops

Helps you find your focus: Phil Dobson


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As a member of the British Psychological Society and an associate member of both the Royal Society of Medicine and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Phil has privileged access to the latest developments in his field, and invests continually in research, study, and training.

When Phil isn’t training, coaching or facilitating, he still enjoys writing and playing music (look out for him singing in the meshworks video!)

Find more information at www.brainworkshops.co.uk – and if you want to contact Phil directly, email phil@brainworkshops.co.uk.