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Measuring What Matters In Teams.

posted on:18 May 2018

This 8th of June, we’d like to invite you to try Kokoro – our new and intuitive mobile tool to build highly successful teams.

What is Kokoro?

Kokoro is a new way of understanding how a team is doing. By measuring emotion, it helps teams to reinforce the right interactions, making it easier for everyone to continuously improve. Everything happens in real time on mobile, making for a tighter feedback loop – people feel more connected within their teams and free to speak up, so the right dialogues happen.

We’d love for you to come and experience this for yourselves.

What are we doing on the 8th?

We start at 13.00 with a workshop for those who would like to get to know kokoro first hand.

From 17.30 onwards, we will be celebrating the beta release of Kokoro. There’ll be drinks, music, and a competition to win a free kokoro poll and workshop.

If you can’t make the workshop, you’re welcome to join us at the after event, which is open to all.
Let us know your coming to the evening event here.

Registration for the workshop is €19. Those attending will receive €10 back cash-in-hand on arrival. The remaining €9 is an extra thank you for all the amazing people who’ve helped us organise this event.

Workshop – Kokoro: Measuring What Matters In Teams

(13.00 – 17.30)

Quick introductions: Who are you? Why have you come here today?
Quick warm up exercise: How to measure anything
Diving deeper: If you could measure anything, what would you measure in teams?
Why we built kokoro
First go: Kokoro theme for Workplace Satisfaction in action!

Break (15.30 to 17.30)

How do you interpret visual data and make it actionable in teams and organisations?
Why the way we capture date needs to evolve
Second go: Kokoro theme for Psychological Safety in action
Feedback and close:
How was it for you? What would did you like about this tool? What questions do you have for us?

Event Details:
June 8, 2018

Impact Hub Vienna
56 Lindengasse
1070 Vienna, Austria

Workshop 1.00pm – 5.30pm (only with registration on Eventbrite)

Celebration 5.30pm – 10.00pm (open to all)

Event Language: The workshop will be in held in English. We all speak German too and will cater for groups who feel safer in their native language.

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