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This workshop is your chance to STOP and R E F L E C T on 2017 so you can THRIVE in 2018

posted on:18 December 2017


Watch out for our next workshop in April 2017. We also plan to present kokoro, our new tool for measuring psychological safety in teams.

WORKSHOP on 26th Jan. 2018:

In this one-day session, we spend the day reflecting on 2017 and planning bold action for 2018. At the end of the session, you have better questions, more insight and clarity about where you are currently at and what you need in order to thrive in 2018.

Strategic Reflections is a hands-on experience that provides you the space to stop, reflect and co-create with your peers.


For every professional, e.g. founder, leader, self-employed, team or team member and employees who wants to spend a day reflecting and co-creating with others in a peer group setting.


Strategic Reflections takes you through a 4-step process:

  1. Reflect and be grateful for what we accomplished in 2017
  2. See what lays ahead in 2018
  3. Examine, personalize, and prioritize what is needed to achieve your goals
  4. Let go of the behaviours that are no longer serving you and reinforce the ones to you’ll need to accomplish your goals.


Professionals that set time aside for reflection and stillness have better clarity in thinking and allows them to see more and prioritize next steps.

We invite you into a space that provides focus and clarity by slowing down and listening. We ask you to be present – this means leaving computers and phones switched off – unless during a break period. We ask you to actively listen and contribute to the success of others and in return be open for them to contribute to your success as a professional. You get a chance to exchange ideas and thoughts with those from other industries and organisations. It is a challenging and extremely up-lifting experience.

All this happens in a mixed setting of peers, individual work and group coaching.

Language of Delivery:


Language in Peer Groups:

Any language the group is comfortable with


If you have any questions, please ask and drop us an email at imran@meshworks.net or me@shawnardaiz.com


The Tickets:

We have kept ticket prices as low, and accessible, as possible. Places are limited to ensure a quality experience. Please contact us below for scholarship opportunities. Lunch will be included in the ticket price.


Shawn Ardaiz is an innovation and design thinking strategy expert from San Francisco, CA

He coaches leaders to lead teams into complex and uncertain futures at shawnardaiz.com. Prior to moving to Vienna he was Chief Innovation Officer for a San Francisco startup (culturepulse.io) that measured teams at the intersection of strategy and culture. He was a Partner and Sr. Strategist at an innovation strategy firm (scansion.com) in San Francisco applying design thinking to solving organizational challenges ranging from digitalization to merger and acquisitions. During that time, he worked with companies like Intel, Carhartt and Aetna. He has also worked for global cross-functional teams within companies like Cisco Systems and KLA-Tencor in the fields of marketing, design and finance. He has an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and a B.Sc. in Management Information Systems from Santa Clara University.

Imran Rehman is a leadership coach and digitalization expert from London, UK

He runs a business design agency and thinking practise in Vienna – www.meshworks.net. He helps leaders to build self-organising teams and scale their business. He holds talks on workplace communities and delivers large group sessions on human systems, digitalisation, resilience and the new world of work. Currently, his focus is on building organisations and tools that develop the whole human with emotions, so they can thrive at work. He has coached teams and leaders in Panasonic, Erste Bank, AOL, Unilever, Vodafone, Bayer, Allianz, Times News, Berlitz, HSBC, LVMH, ThyssenKrupp, Lufthansa among others.

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