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Hector Arthur on working with

posted on:18 June 2015* and I got together as I was at an inflexion point in my career and I needed to reboot and refocus after a very intense and successful decade spent operating at the cutting edge in an organisation which had a profound influence on my attitudes and approach to work and life.

Imran delivered a tailored process which allowed me to evaluate the past 10 years, identify and amplify the positives, clarify my ambitions and create a compelling narrative that would serve as the springboard for the next stage of my career.

The framework was commercially focused and practical rather than theoretical and generic, which was important as I don’t like to waste time on self-indulgent navel gazing. The process was informed by psychology, structured but not inflexible – and delivered positive outcomes quickly. It was unorthodox, rooted in real-world thinking and had a clear beginning, middle and end.

I believe Imran can formulate a process that helps me engineer the correct mindset to deliver a desired outcome. HA


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