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mesh.works facilitates a workshop about digital landscape

posted on:3 April 2020

It was a real pleasure to be asked by  manufakturLab to help them out with their upcoming workshop.

ManufakturLab provide Service Innovation through spreading best-practices, doing workshops and raising awareness in industry about how handicraft is changing. Their current focus is on how traditional handicraft, architecture, design and the manufacturing industry will evolve in the digital landscape.

They also organised an interview for me with the Wiener, a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine that is headquartered in Vienna and has a readership of about 45,000. We talked about the WERKsommer workshop which ManufakturLab have planned in cooperation with the Meisterwelten Steiermark trust.

We look forward to seeing what ideas this workshop will surface. Moreover, how handwork is going to evolve with new sustainable/regenerative business models, modes of collaboration and services for their client base.


The photo shoot was in one of the finest makers of organic shoes in Vienna’s second district called Von Morgen!